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Scarlet Night Release

Come on down and meet the crew as we celebrate the release of our second beer at Ellery’s Grill in […]

Opie Radio

The Erik Nagel Show will be broadcasting live from the brewery this Saturday from 6-8pm! The Erik Nagel Show will […]

Strawberry Cream Ale

We are very excited about our strawberry cream ale, Astarte, that will be released in our tasting room soon! Here […]

Trench Drain

Our trench drain is installed. It is 27 feet long and will sit between our brewing system and our fermenters.

Glycol Chiller

Our glycol chiller is here. This unit will chill and circulate glycol through the second stage of our plate chiller […]


Our tanks arrived on January 19th. We’re currently prepping the area where the tanks will be installed.

Water Heaters

Our water heaters are being installed. These tankless water heaters will provide hot water to our brewing process in lieu […]

Walk In

Our walk in cooler arrived on January 14th. We’re prepping the area where it is going to go and it […]

Brew Floors

Our Brew Floors arrived on January 2nd. We decided to use the Brew Floors IV system which is a urethane […]

Our Location

We are very excited to announce that we have signed our lease for a space located in Middlesex, NJ. The […]

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