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Der Wolf Release

We will be releasing Der Wolf, our Dunkelweizen, on Sunday, 9/13 in our tasting room. It will be on tap at 12pm. Hope to see you there!

Der Wolf
Dunkelweizen | 5.6% ABV | 14 IBU | 21.2 SRM

Do not venture off the path, and stay out of the woods at night… for there is a wicked wolf on the hunt. Deceptive in its dark color, this German style wheat beer is surprisingly light… which makes it all the better to drink. Roasted and caramelized wheat and barley grains create strong flavors of coffee and dark chocolate, at first sip it may trick you into believing it is a stout. Notice though the traditional Hefeweizen yeast that blends in complex fruit flavors like rich banana and spiced aromas and you’ll see this wolf is playing tricks. Sweet to taste but with a tangy slightly bitter finish that cleans the palate, this brew is just the right amount of crisp for Fall… We think you’ll be howling for more.

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